1/25 Mack DM600 - MPC0859
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1/25 Mack DM600 - MPC0859

 One of the truck manufacturer to represent the United States is the Mack truck.
- Founded in 1900, we were making the first track in 1907.
- Heavy Duty Trucks Mack R Series belonging to the class 8, which first appeared in the early 1960s, there is a MD series in one of its variations type.
- DM series was a masterpiece track that was continued making until 2005.
- Adopts a short bonnet type body design features of the driver's seat is offset to the left because some engine has entered the cabin.The model reproduced in 1/25 scale MD600 type of Mack truck.
- Chassis, around the foot, such as suspension, body, is the full detail kit was modeled in detail to the indoor.
- Distinctive offset the design of the cabin, the driver's seat is also full of feeling finish appearance was of course set a special sheet.
- Also details modeled inline six cylinder diesel engine under the front fender integral hood which can be opened forward to auxiliary equipment such as a turbo-charger after completion.
- Suspension of the rear wheels 2 axis also, strength of Biggurigu unique is transmitted by a mechanical reproduction.
- Rear suspension is also moving after completion.
- In addition, the front wheel is possible steering.
- Tire reproduce the Goodyear tire is made of hollow rubber.
- It is a kit where you can enjoy a dynamic finish.
- Parts score 250 points or more
- Tires made of rubber
- Chassis, engine, interior full detail reproduced such as

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