1/144 Soviet WWII Submarine SHCHUKA (SHCH) class - 9041
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1/144 Soviet WWII Submarine SHCHUKA (SHCH) class - 9041

The Shch 402  was part of the most numerous class of medium sized Soviet X – type submarines during WWII called “Shchuka”. With a length of 57 m, it featured improved underwater streamlining and increased surface speed. Built in Leningrad, after crossing the White Sea-Baltic canal in 1937, it joined the 2nd submarine division of the Northern Fleet. During WWII it participated in 16 raids, commanded by the captains  N.G. Stolbov and A.M. Kautsky. 1942 it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of the Battle, and in 1943 the rank of Guards. Shch 402 disappeared without a trace in a military campaign, presumably sunk in a minefield off the coast of Norway at the end of September 1944.
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